Galeri Undangan

Biar Gemuk Asal Pede

Kadang-kadang kita akan membandingkan si gemuk dan si langsing ketika mereka sedang bersama-sama. Ini hanya untuk menyenangkan tapi tidak terlalu over. Kita harus menghormati si gemuk juga. Jadi posting ini hanya untuk fun saja, harapan itu tidak membawa apa pun menyinggung perasaan bagi beberapa orang. Mari kita check it out!
Wou~ Even the during wedding also desperate for food?
I believe I’m able to wear it! Because when I worn it 3 years ago, it was  fit!
I wonder the bike able to move or not. Two seats become one.
Careful with her butt, it might knock you fly off~
Guy from the right : I can’t breath! I’m drowning…
I’m fat but I like fashion too!
Only truck can move us…
Pay attention at what I’m holding, not my stomach.
Few months later after eating too much happy meals…
We can be sexy car promoter too.
Careful miss, don’t bend the poll.

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